Competitions will start officially Thursday 1st November 2012 after the Opening Ceremony.

You might already know that, 1 day prior to the start of the event, Officials Seminars will be held to define the guidelines for refereeing.

The Opening Ceremony will be fantastic as usual.

We are reserving a lot of surprises on that occasion as usual with the 3 Edition of Orient Festival the greatest Expo dedicated to the culture of Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea, India, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal, Birmania and many other beautiful countries.

The Sport Halls is "CARRARAFIERE" fair complex:

CarraraFiere Sport Hall is a great and modern building with more than 40.000 cover square meters.

It is famous in the world thanks to its services and events that are organized inside.

Here you will find Restaurants, Bars, Meetings Rooms, Bank Services, Wi-Fi area and every kind of support.

And again Stages, Seminars, Shows with Master coming from every part of the world and much more events will be held.